About the Maturity Model

The cloud native landscape and ecosystem is evolving quickly.

The Cartografos Working Group

The Cartografos working group aims to provide tools to help adopters and end-users to navigate the CNCF landscape and the wider cloud native ecosystem.

We want to educate and inform users with effective and practical guidance to help them understand the cloud native ecosystem. We do this by collaborating with groups inside and outside the CNCF.

We work to engage with CNCF projects at sandbox, incubating, and graduated level to ensure effective and accurate representation within assets, as well as CNCF Technical Advisory Groups. We also provide a vendor neutral forum for validation, discussion and feedback.

Areas in scope of the working group are CNCF non-code assets such as the CNCF Landscape, the Trail Map, as well as a maturity model and landscape guide - the last two under development. Additionally any other assets that help cloud native technology adopters navigate the various CNCF and cloud native community projects.

Currently assets under development:

  • The Cloud Native Maturity Model

Come join us

Anyone interested in educating and informing users with guidance to understand the cloud native ecosystem is welcome to join the Cartografos Working Group! Please also join our our CNCF Slack channel, #cartografos-wg

Meeting Information

CNCF Slack #cartografos-wg

Meeting times

US: Bi-weekly on Tuesdays at 1pm US/EST

To participate in the working group, please sign up to the CNCF’s community platform at https://community.cncf.io/ and join https://community.cncf.io/cncf-cartografos-working-group/. Meetings are listed on the same page and you should RSVP to each meeting instance you want to attend: https://community.cncf.io/cncf-cartografos-working-group/.

Meeting minutes and agenda


Any questions can be directed to one of the co-chairs:

Simon Forster, co-chair, simon@stackegy.com CNCF Slack: siforster Danielle Cook, co-chair, danielle@fairwinds.com
John Forman, co-chair, john.t.forman@accenture.com

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